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Draft Pros trained technicians specialize in residential and commercial draft beer, wine and cocktail line cleaning. We are proud to serve the Bay Area and surrounding cities. Our commitment to our customers is to provide quality service by going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look though our site to see all we have to offer.


Faucet Cleaning

A full faucet inspection is performed during service and all washers and parts are replaced regularly. Preventative maintenance is key.

Professional FOB Cleaning

FOBS are designed to stop the flow of beer when a keg empties and keep the beer in the line to prevent air from entering into the line; which causes foam and leads to waste. FOBS should be disassembled and cleaned regularly to keep them functioning properly.  

Recirculation Pump Cleaning

Pump cleaning is performed on all long draw systems for no less than 15 minutes per line to help prevent lines from accumulating beer stones, mold and bacteria.

Line Cleaning

Over time beer lines collect yeast and sugars that can affect the quality of your beer. If not cleaned properly and regularly, lines start to form staining and off taste. We clean lines according to the Brewers Associations guidelines to ensure your product is served the way the brewery intended.

Systems we service

Short Draw        Self  Serve systems       Long draw          Wine           Cocktail


        Direct Draw        Glycol Cooled        Split system          Series lines 

             Jockey Boxes           Residential             Forced air

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